Registering as self employed?

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Register as self employed: How to apply to be a sole trader

You need to register as self employed (also known as sole trader) to legally work in the UK and to pay tax to HMRC. There are many perks to self employment including being your own boss and flexible working hours.

The fast track to becoming self employed

Self employment registration is usually a time-consuming and difficult process. We're here to make that easier and faster for you.

We make the entire process of registering as self employed as simple as possible for you.

And, since we're fully familiar with all the paperwork and the checks required by the registration process, you'll find that relying on us will definitely leave you more time to focus on your new self employed life.

Self employment: How can we help?

Our experts can offer guidance and show you exactly how to register as self employed today. When you claim online you'll only need to provide your basic personal information, National Insurance (NI) number and a few details about the type of work you're involved in.

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