Can the Self Employed get Statutory Sick Pay?

The self employed have a lot of freedom such as, operating from home and planning their time. However, they additionally have responsibilities which come along with the advantages; for example, they handle their tax issues and also budget for time not utilized in office work such as, sick off or holiday. This also means that in case you are not able to work for any reason, you do not get paid. That is the reason why many self employed people insist on working even when they are unwell and are supposed to be resting in bed.

getting ill

However, in case an employee is very sick to work, a company is legally required to pay them a minimum referred to as statutory sick pay. It may last for up to twenty eight weeks, and the current standard rate is £81 .60 weekly. Some companies however have their sick pay rate. Also, it is good to specify the terms and conditions of statutory sick pay in the employment contract, for your employees to have a clear picture about it.

You should keep your business on track by checking the absenteeism of your employees by asking for proof and also making use of the absence management tool.

Ask for proof

All of your workers with a signed agreement are entitled for statutory sick pay. However, there is a procedure to it, in that they ought to have been unwell a minimum of four continuous days which include weekends, and also need to formally let you know they are unwell. As the employer, you are eligible to request for proof of sickness after eight days of sick off. The employment contracts must always specify the terms and conditions of the organization sick pay if your company offers it. You can also procure a professional medical report after four weeks if the worker allows it. The person may apply for the government Employment and Support Allowance, rather than long-term sick pay if the employing company completes the SSP1 form, although this is achievable in special situations.

Absence management tool

An employer may need to invest in this tool. You may document the dates of every sick off along with the reasons presented for it using a gadget known Peninsula’s absence management tool, which is included in the HR software suite. Managers may use it to quickly point out any irregularities rising, and do something about it by discussing it with the person, and initiating your business policy for absenteeism. Workers who are afflicted with severe sickness or injury may be kept out of financial straits by their statutory sick pay entitlement. However, it is illegal to cheat the system, and it can lead to serious consequences.

Everybody, regardless of whether they are self employed or not, they are eligible for benefits from the government. One needs to understand the privileges they are entitled to when searching for conditions for self employed sick pay and also approach the appropriate authorities. Make your business professional by introducing this plan in your company today.

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