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How to Save Money: Tax Tips for the Self Employed Farmer

One of farming’s many challenges is that of being self employed.

In addition to the daily responsibility for animals, crops, plant and buildings, farmers also have to maintain a constant vigilance over their businesses’ finances.

Top Tips for Registering as Self Employed

Becoming self employed can be the first step to a major change in someone’s life.

They may have reached a real impasse in their salary job, or may feel so fed up with having to work full time for someone else that becoming self employed is the only option they can see in front of them.

Pitfalls of Becoming Self Employed

Becoming self employed can be the one thing that makes life bearable.
Due to falling job market overall, many people are seeing the value in taking the leap into self employed status.

This post will look at the perils and difficulties that can face you if you become self employed.

Class 4 National Insurance Contribution – The Basics and How to Pay

National Insurance Contribution is a legal requirement for every working person in the UK above the age of sixteen.

This fund is used to secure a range of employment benefits such as sick pay, maternity leave, pension, depending on the personal circumstances of the individual in question.

Five Types of Self Employed Insurance to Secure Your Income

Self employed directly responsible for their earnings, but they must also take care of all the business aspects.

Insurance plays an important role, as there is not an HR department to sort this out on behalf of the individual.

Where to Find Work as a Self Employed Consultant

Becoming a self employed consultant is a great way to put all the expertise you’ve gained in your career so far to good use.

No matter how knowledgeable you are in your chosen field, you won’t be successful unless you know how, and where, to sell your services.

How to Make Sure Your Cleaning Business is a Success

How often when you were working for someone else how often did you think “ I could do better than that,” when the boss explained a job to you?

Are you looking for ways to run your own cleaning business?

Why Should a Self Employed Entrepreneur Consider Buying a Franchise?

If you’re a self employed entrepreneur and want to play safe then buying a franchise is probably the thing for you.

A franchise can turn out to be a good investment if you invest in the right one.

Here are a few reasons to consider buying a franchise.

Self Employed Accountant: Have You Got What it Takes?

If you intend going into business with none other than yourself then you better have what it takes.

As a self employed accountant you will need to have a number of qualities in addition to your accounting skills in order to make a living for yourself.

Being a Self Employed Farmer

Setting up a business, farming can be a not so simple process if you aren’t cut out for the job and don’t have the qualities that a farmer needs to possess.

Here’s a run-down on the basics of making it as a self employed farmer.

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