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4 Vital Tax Tips for the Self Employed

Being self employed means you need to be well organised. It also means that you need to keep track of the tax you pay.

Find out 4 vital tax tips to help you sort out your finances and make out the best of your self employed life.

5 Simple Ways to Find Jobs for Self Employed Builders

It may be hard or even really hard to work in the building industry if you don’t know how to sell your services.

Here’s 5 simple and efficient ways to help you find jobs for self employed builders.

4 Types of Self Employed Accident Insurance You Did Not Know

The 4 most common types of self employed accident insurance in the UK are:

  • Long term income protection insurance
  • Short term income protection
  • Mortgage payment protection insurance
  • Critical illness accident insurance

Private Health Care for the Self Employed Explained in Full

Why it is so important to get private health care as a self-employed person? There are many reasons why, and we explain how having private care can help you and your business.

Also we discuss the types of cover that is available for you, and what the differences are between them.

Unemployed? Here are Top 5 Self Employed Jobs to Get You Started

Wondering what kind of self employed jobs are there? Here is a list of 5 popular jobs:

  1. Freelance Writer
  2. Jewellery Maker
  3. Street Performer
  4. Handy Man
  5. Metal / Wood Worker

Don’t Forget these 4 Essential Tax Tips for Self Employed Builders

Self employed builders can save a lot of money on their tax using these four tips:

  • Good Housekeeping
  • Knowing Your Benefits
  • Claiming Back Mileage
  • Cash Basis Accounting

Do I have to pay Class 4 National Insurance contributions?

When preparing yourself to embark into the world of self employment, remember to take into account the Class 4 National Insurance Contributions. Not quite familiar with their definition? Don’t get scared, keep on reading. Dealing with national Insurance isn’t so bad Your life will change a lot as a result of becoming self employed.¬†You will… Read more…

Self Employed Insurance: Don’t miss out on these 7 choices

In a nutshell, anyone who is self employed in the UK should be looking at one or more of the following Insurance policies: Public Liability InsurancePro Professional Indemnity Insurance Employers Liability Insurance Products Liability Contents Insurance Building Insurance Car/Van Insurance There are seven types of self employed insurance, to do with running a business. You… Read more…

4 Reasons Why Self Employment at Midlife is a Great Thing To Do

What’s keeping you at work? Historically, loyalty at work was rewarded. You would hit fifty and could focus on the pension, the gradual reduction in the pressure to achieve all the time and, above all, be treated with some respect, by management and staff alike. Not quite freewheeling to retirement but nice and easy. Switching… Read more…

The Self Employed’s Guide to National Insurance Tax

National Insurance Tax is one of the responsibilities that self employment brings upon the individual. One of the most crucial ones is paying taxes. The UK Government divides tax categories based on individual circumstances, income levels and other relevant factors. Once the person registers as self employed, all these regulations are put in place. Usually… Read more…

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