Everything You Need to Know About Self Employed Tax Deductions

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Everything you need to know about self employed tax deductions, including what is an allowance, tax relief for motoring.

Pensions and how does capital expenditure qualify for tax deductions


4 Differences Between being Self Employed or a Limited Company

limited company

Ever wondered what the difference is between self employed and limited companies?

This article explains the difference from a legal perspective, analysing the cost benefits of both methods, the flexibility and the way other companies react to a business.


Can the Self Employed get Statutory Sick Pay?

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Self employed people should budget for time taken off from job, such as holiday and sick time.

However, all of your workers with a signed agreement are entitled for statutory sick pay.


Top 5 Self Employed Jobs You Can Start Easily


Have you once wished you could get just a few hours of overtime at your workplace so that you can make ends meet for the month?

Instead you can start one of these self employed jobs.


How to Be Self Employed in Security Effectively


Perhaps you are tired of being employed and looking forward to starting your own company?

Being self employed in security is the ideal job for someone looking to protect the general public.


The Bigger Picture: Self Employed Painters and Decorators


Do you know what tools you need to become a painter and decorator?

Or how to advertise so your business sells?

Click here to find out how to become a self employed painter and decorator.


Self Employed Hairdressers: Five Top Facts

self employed hairdresser

Did you know that lots of hairdressers are sole traders, or that you can rent a chair in a salon? Click here to find out five useful facts about being a self employed hairdresser.


Is there Government Sick Pay for Self Employed People?

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Did you know that the Government doesn’t give out self employed sick pay?

Click here to find out more about what happens to your benefits when you work for yourself, and to see what you can do to protect your business and your family.


Building Your Business: Employing a Builder as a Business Partner

employing builder

There are significant benefits to be gained by forming a business partnership with other builders.

Click here to find out how having a self employed partner can increase your earning power and broaden your skill base.


Do you have to Register a Self Employed Business?

registering business

Do you have to register a business to be self employed? Or are there other, easier alternatives?

Click here for more information on the different ways you can set up your self employed business, their benefits and drawbacks.

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